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Kindness in the Workplace

Cost: £650 (or £750 tailored)

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  • The benefits of talking about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace - to break down stigma, create a supportive environment and promote good mental health & wellbeing
  • The importance of kindness in the workplace - focussing on what kindness means and the benefits; promotes good wellbeing, helps to build trust and respect, promotes better relationships and makes having conversations about mental wellbeing part of a natural process
  • Promoting good mental wellbeing through self-kindness - exploring what self-kindness looks like, why it is important and what lights us up!

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  • £650 (or £750 tailored)


  • between 15 - 35 participants


  • This webinar is 30 minutes

Delivery Method:

via Zoom or MS Teams