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Mental Wellbeing Skills for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors

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Managers play a key role in developing good relationships with their team members. This course builds skills to feel confident to have open conversations about mental wellbeing as part of everyday management.

This course will help Managers to gain an understanding of common mental health conditions and support the mental wellbeing of their teams, encourage employees to foster open communication and destigmatise mental wellbeing. Providing a consistent approach to mental wellbeing across the organisation and promote healthy and productive performance for individuals, teams and the whole organisation.

We will cover the following areas:

  • Explore the role of mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Workplace Stress: the impact on individual and organisational performance, strategies to manage and prevent stress
  • An overview into common mental health conditions including, anxiety, and depression and the impact on performance
  • Gain a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities in supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace

Skills practice:

  • Learn how to recognise the early signs and symptoms of individuals struggling from poor mental wellbeing
  • Communication Skills: The importance of being an active listener and how to start natural conversations about mental wellbeing and create a positive narrative
  • Develop techniques and skills to help individuals understand and protect their own mental health
  • Identify current workplace prevention, intervention and protection initiatives to promote good wellbeing
  • Be able to signpost to available support and know where to go for support and guidance for yourselves

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In-house Group Training Costs: £1400

Course Duration

Zoom: 4 hours + 1 hr review session one month after course has taken place
Face to face on-site: full day

Number of Delegates

  • up to 14